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, they will not believe it. our lives are so intertwined with these machines. it is action quite an efficient way. >> if you could or if you have aggregated the amount of investment put in the internet infrastructure, what would it be? >> it is not a number. -- i can sayhat that internet is robust because the enormous amount amount of money we are putting into it and during the broadband boom, it was lost to shareholders, but we are better off with that initial overbuilding. >> had you satisfied or turnoff city about the internet? -- have you satisfied your curiosity about the internet? >> these weeks have reminded me of how important and how intertwined and how fascinating the way in which the infrastructure we have created has built itself up in cities and on the coasts. it brought me back to square one and keeping my curiosity on the systems and not just the internet, but power and aviation and the large complicated things that we depend on so much. >> "tubes" is the name of the book. andrew blum is the author. this is "communicators" on c- span. >> sometimes he was a cruel boss. he did not kn
. >> it may be stored. it is certainly processed. the information we create in doing all of these actions, some of it is kind of short-lived information. it goes out. you get back the answer you want. it operates. -- evaporates. other information, when you go and bank online or buy something at amazon and it has to keep a record of that transaction, for its own inventory and your billing records, that stays alive basically forever. >> are these data centers the so-called cloud? >> it is a funny term. it is used in two different ways. in some people's minds, the cloud is anything that happens in the database. it is the magical stuff that happens when you send out this request. your e-mail or your request for a menu to some restaurant, and it comes back. that is a general way of speaking about the digital world. technical people in this industry refine it further. they refer to the cloud as a service in which you can rent computing space that you need why do need it. that way, you do not have to have a computer sitting on your desk to do processing. it is done on this rentable space, which
actions your and a ton of money, including camino medical system. >> host: and we will leave it there. thank you for an interesting, informative conversation. >> on c-span2 tonight national cable and tele-communications association president talks about the future of television on the communicator's followed by a discussion of a latino group. it .. i would observe the dramatic shift from hardware to software-centric systems. the minute you are able to do more on software rather than proprietary hardware, the full creativity of safety ware engineering comes into play. that's come to television. when you ask the consumer what is the tv experience in i home, they'll talk about a box on their remote control and they don't like it. the functions will be migrated into soft war rather than hardware wal-mart and you'll get faster innovation cycles. so companies like time warner and comcast can integrate overnight, not over the course of a hardware replace. , and then you see the other great trend ushered by by mobile and the apps. and soft that's can deliver new and intriguing experiences, ta
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3